New (Magical!) Ruppits!

When amazing things happen in life, you tend to remember every detail about that moment.  For me, that moment was when I finished Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone for the first time.  I was on the playground at school and had decided to take my book out with me and I hadn’t realized how few pages I had left.  It was warm, I easily had drowned out the sounds of everyone playing so I could focus my book.  I flew through the end of the book and went right inside to go to the library.  And that was it.  I was obsessed.

And now my obsession gets to live itself out in the form of a Ruppit!  We are now working on EIGHT new Harry Potter themed puppet designs.  I’m totally geeking out about it while we cut patterns.  Picking the puppet design wasn’t easy, as the list of characters in Harry Potter is extensive.  However, Rebecca did it!  We stuck with the Golden Trio; Harry, Ron, and Hermione.  We decided to only do three human based characters as they are more difficult to create than creature based characters.  SO! Of the eight designs we chose, five of them were creature based!

The quickest Ruppit was a Pygmy Puff!  Pygmy Puffs are cute, little, fluff balls of fur.  J.K. Rowling introduced us to their adorableness when Ginny Weasley bought one from her brothers’ joke shop and named him Arnold.  We made it a simple puppet of Rebecca’s own design, which she called a Pocket Puppet! It has a pocket that you slide your hand into.

Next, we decided to design a Cornish Pixie.  These were introduced in the Chamber of Secrets when Gilderoy Lockhart released a cage full of the small, blue, winged creatures in his Defense Against the Dark Arts class.  These puppets will be a hand-rod puppet, which is what we normally do here at Ruppits.

Dobby was our next design! He also was introduced in the Chamber of Secrets when he tried to warn Harry not to return to Hogwarts.  He is a house elf, so he wears a smock resembling a pillowcase.  He will be a hand-rod puppet as well.

Next, we designed a Mandrake!  Also introduced in the Chamber of Secrets, (that was a good movie for creatures, I guess!).  These creatures are the root of a plant that looks likes a human.  When they are fully grown, their screams are fatal to anyone who hears it.  These puppets will be hand rod puppets as well.

Finally, we took some inspiration from the latest Wizarding World installment, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.  The Demiguise will be another hand-rod puppet we will feature at Ruppits! The Demiguise is a creature that can make itself invisible and can tell the near future.  Newt Scamander had his own Demiguise named Dougal.

We are SO excited to be releasing these Ruppits to you all!  If you are in Grand Rapids area, we are looking to taking part in the Harry Potter in the Park in Sparta coming in August!

Let us know how big of a Harry Potter fan you are and what you think of our designs!