Midwest Media Expo News

Hey, Ruppits Fans!

So, in a previous post, we talked about all of the conventions we had planned for the summer!  However, there has been a slight, well a MAJOR incident.  Late last night we got an email stating that Midwest Media had been canceled.  From what the email stated, the hotel that the that Midwest Media Expo had their contract with, had new ownership and they couldn’t come to terms with our previous contract.  Therefore, they canceled the reservation for Expo.

The Head of Vendor Relations, Charlotte Dyer, was kind in her apologies and we were super bummed out to hear that the show was canceled.

HOWEVER! I will link the post that contains all of our dates for our other expos coming up this summer!

Be sure to check out that list so we can see you all at our other shows!

Thanks for understanding guys!

Expo Dates are here!